Guide to MSBA funding


Why state funding may not be an option if we wait

The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) is a quasi-independent government authority that partners with public school districts to support the construction of cost-effective, sustainable and educationally appropriate schools. The MSBA helps fund capital improvement projects through a state reimbursement, eligible to districts that meet specific design criteria. 

The position we are in right now is a privilege and an opportunity. Due to the number of school building projects across the state, the reimbursement rate has been steadily dropping. A decade ago, it was as high as 80 percent. Today, we will receive a reimbursement just over 50 percent.


MSBA Funding Timeline


1 of 96 

proposals submitted from schools in Massachusetts

Applying for MSBA funding is very competitive. We were among 96 districts - one-third of the state total - vying for a chance at state money. 


1 of 19

proposals chosen as candidates for 40% state reimbursement

Of those 96, Pentucket was one of just 19 chosen to have the opportunity to submit design plans. As long as they meet MSBA criteria, the only thing standing in the way of this funding is a 'no' vote.


3.5 years

into the process already

The school district began this process several years ago. A lot of time, money and resources have brought us to this point. If this measure does not pass, any future requests go back to the bottom of the pile.