Design Plans for Proposed School

We are in the preliminary design phase. The district's architectural firm will prepare detailed designs this fall, which will go to the state for approval.


Courtyard Plan

The School Building Committee and School Committee have unanimously voted in favor of a plan that would combine middle and high school students in a brand-new, state-of-the-art building. This plan was among the most cost-effective options on the table to tackle both rapidly deteriorating buildings at the same time.

If approved by voters in Spring 2019, the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) will reimburse the Pentucket Regional School District for an estimated 40 percent of the total cost. That means the total district share of the project would be $95.2 million. Learn more about project cost.

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Benefits of Courtyard Design

Nicknamed the 'courtyard option,' this design plan offers the following features:

  • LOWEST IMPACT TO STUDENTS: This option will be the least disruptive to students attending both the middle and high schools during construction.

  • COMPLETE CAMPUS SOLUTION: Experts believe that both buildings are likely to experience failures in the next 10 years that would make them unusable. Unlike the other options under consideration, this plan does not put the middle school on the back burner.

  • CAMPUS-WIDE IMPROVEMENTS: This plan improves traffic flow across the campus, resulting in a safer, more efficient system for pickup and dropoff. It will also feature a brand-new, multi-purpose artificial turf field as well as a new practice field.

  • SENSIBLE INVESTMENT: The most expensive option was repairing the existing buildings. Even options for renovations were more expensive. With this plan, the total cost is less for a brand-new building the district and member towns can be proud of.

  • BEST DESIGN OVERALL: The next-best option for new construction created a dark building, with no natural light reaching the common areas, such as the gym, cafeteria and auditorium. While classrooms would have windows, the areas most likely to be visited by parents, sports teams and the community would be dark and uninviting.


Questions about design, cost or process?